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The Medicinal Case of Fig Leaf Sap

So it was this fateful day, on the 16 October 2020, that both founders Lawrence and Cheah, decided to mass prune the fig trees at the farm. The aim – to obtain enough young shoots to process into fig leaves tea. Little did they know, that the seemingly harmless exercise, would end up to be […]

10 Signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Our guts are naturally protected by a thick intestinal lining to prevent undigested food particles, toxins and bad bacteria to leak into the blood stream. However, due to our prebiotic-poor diet, these linings fall apart, and you get Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS). What are the signs you might have LGS? Chronic constipation, bloating, Crohn’s Skin […]

Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Hang on, is it “PRE”-biotics or “PRO”-biotics? Vitagen, Yakult – there are good bacteria in drinks form that we Malaysians are most exposed to since young. Now, the ‘IN’ thing is kombucha, kefir and some even sauerkraut, all for ingestion of probiotics for the wellbeing of the gut, improving good digestion and immune system.  But […]

Analogy of an Unhealthy Gut Microbiome

Imagine. There is an ongoing party always happening. This party resides in your gut, and hold trillions of guests. In every party, you have the good guests, always less loud, taking care of the venue and even clean up after themselves. Then, you also have the guests that are there not doing any good nor […]

Fig – Prebiotics

If there is one secret to a good immune system, it is a healthy gut. Any imbalance in the guts can lead to metabolic abnormalities and a range of diseases. Prebiotics is a non-pharmacological approach to re-balance the gut microbiome and ensure better wellbeing. Prebiotics are in fact fibre compounds in foods that are not […]