Prebiotics vs Probiotics

Hang on, is it “PRE”-biotics or “PRO”-biotics?

Vitagen, Yakult – there are good bacteria in drinks form that we Malaysians are most exposed to since young. Now, the ‘IN’ thing is kombucha, kefir and some even sauerkraut, all for ingestion of probiotics for the wellbeing of the gut, improving good digestion and immune system. 

But how is it different? 

Research have been conducted in this area of prebiotics. So as not bore you with all the science jargons, let us shed light into what are these two and how they differ.

Prebiotics are food that your good bacteria (probiotics) can eat. In simple terms, probiotics become “Popeye” by consuming prebiotics. These are food we cannot digest, but our good bacteria in the colon can. By allowing the flourishing of the good bacteria, acidity of the stomach is controlled to fight off bad bacteria. These good bacteria also help the self-repair of the damaged intestinal wall by allowing it more time to do so.

Where exactly do we source for prebiotics?

Our diet plan of nasi lemak for breakfast, char kuey teow for lunch and roti canai/mee goreng for dinner is the very reason why bad bacteria flourish. The feel good factor on the tastebuds are mostly low in nutritional value. These are all low in essential fibre required to maintain the good health of our guts. Even natural foods that are high in protein and fish and chicken do not provide us food to feed the friendly bacteria in our gut. Our diet is so rich with refined sugar and fatty food that we only on average consume 10 to 15 grams of fibre a day, a far cry from the 25 to 30 grams of fibre, of which 5 grams should be prebiotic fibre.

That is where consuming figs every day will help with your daily. By eating 4 figs a day (200-250 gram), you are able to fulfill your daily required intake of 5 gram soluble fibre, which is exactly the prebiotic required daily for the good bacteria to thrive. Even better, you can now have a booster via our Gugu Guts that is infused with inulin, making it easier to achieve the daily required intake of prebiotics.


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