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Fresh Fig Fruits In Malaysia

Fig fruits are mostly consumed dried in Malaysia. Due to the fruit’s versatile use, there are a wide variety of consumer products enhanced with figs, such as jam, preserves, muesli, biscuits and more. Meanwhile, fresh fig fruits are not imported into Malaysia in abundance due to its highly perishable nature and sensitivity to rough handling. […]

Fig cultivation in Malaysia

Fig cultivation in Malaysia In Malaysia, fig trees are cultivated in small-scale farms dotted around the country. It has been found that the trees do well with soil that is soft, full of humus (organic matter) and without an underlay of bedrock. If the trees are exposed to too many chilly nights and rainy weather, […]

Figs cultivation around the world

Creamy, citrusy, honey-like and aromatic are just the flavours you will experience as you try a piece of fresh fig fruit. These small flavour bombs are mainly cultivated in the Middle East and part of the Mediterranean. There are at least 1,000 fig species currently in the world, with even more cultivars being introduced. Figs […]