Analogy of an Unhealthy Gut Microbiome


There is an ongoing party always happening. This party resides in your gut, and hold trillions of guests.

In every party, you have the good guests, always less loud, taking care of the venue and even clean up after themselves. Then, you also have the guests that are there not doing any good nor do anything bad, just present to enjoy the party. But we always have a handful that are bad guests, creating trouble for host and other guests.

Your job as a host is to feed the party-goers. Now imagine for a second, you run out of food for the party. It may seem like nothing serious is going on. But hungry guests, means they start to find things within the house to feed themselves. When guests feed themselves with what is in the house, it is akin to the bacteria feeding themselves to your intestinal lining. This source of food does not allow the good bacteria to produce the compounds needed to support the functioning of the guts.

Now double that with your bad guests existence. They are hungry, then hangry. It eventually becomes havoc as they damage your house. Couple that with the thinning of the lining on your guts. You have now leaky gut and the bad bacteria making things worse. Bad bacteria will end up overcrowding the gut microbiome as the good bacteria are without sufficient energy source to chase this bad bacteria, just like the analogy of good guests and bad guests in the house.

The solution? Bring back the food to the good bacteria. Prebiotic will be the solution.

Next time, we will discuss more about leaky guts and how prebiotics will help with the condition.


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