10 Signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Our guts are naturally protected by a thick intestinal lining to prevent undigested food particles, toxins and bad bacteria to leak into the blood stream. However, due to our prebiotic-poor diet, these linings fall apart, and you get Leaky Gut Syndrome (LGS).

What are the signs you might have LGS?

  1. Chronic constipation, bloating, Crohn’s
  2. Skin conditions like eczema, acne, rosacea
  3. Unusual cravings for sugary food
  4. Psychological disorders like anxiety, depression, ADHD 
  5. Autoimmune diseases like lupus, coeliac disease
  6. Food allergies and sensitivities
  7. Weak immune system
  8. Frequent headaches and poor memory
  9. Fatigue
  10. Arthritis or joint pain

How to heal/prevent LGS?

1. Common causes of leaky guts like gluten, refined sugar, dairy, caffeine and soy should be consumed moderately or avoided where possible.
2. Rebalance the gut microbiota by consuming more probiotic and prebiotic rich food.

Gugu Guts is an emulsion made mainly of fresh figs with fibre, which contains rich source pectin. In addition, Gugu Guts is infused with inulin, which is a type of dietary fibre from chicory roots. 

Alternatively, may consume fresh figs on a daily basis so the guts gets sufficient soluble fibre for the good bacteria to thrive.

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