Fresh Fig Fruits In Malaysia

Fig fruits are mostly consumed dried in Malaysia. Due to the fruit’s versatile use, there are a wide variety of consumer products enhanced with figs, such as jam, preserves, muesli, biscuits and more. Meanwhile, fresh fig fruits are not imported into Malaysia in abundance due to its highly perishable nature and sensitivity to rough handling.

The common industry practice for imported figs is farmers often harvest the fruits before they are fully ripen. This practice diminishes the fruits’ peak flavour profile as they have not fully developed and matured. While for fig farm in Malaysia, figs are picked at the optimal ripeness that allow for them to have maximum flavour despite a shorter shelf life.

Caring for fig trees may sound challenging for the uninitiated, but the delicious taste of the fruits makes it worthwhile once you’ve had a bite. Besides, Malaysians deserve to experience the real taste of fully ripe fresh fig fruits that are grown and harvested locally.

Harvesting is done by hand and fruits need to be immediately chilled to 2-4 degrees Celsius for one to two days to prolong their shelf life. Fresh fig fruits are best consumed the same day they are bought.

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